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February 27, 2010

Obama’s FORCEFUL Attempt to Push HIS Health Care Bill into Law

Expansive Abortion Funding into Community Health Centers

LIMITS American’s Opportunity to SPEND THEIR OWN MONEY to Improve the Chances of Saving Their OWN Family’s Lives

Through Reconciliation – The Obama Ploy! DON’T BE FOOLED! WE CAN STOP HIM! CALL NOW!

Sen. George LeMieux (R) has consistently voted in accordance with our pro-life stance. Thank him and tell him that you appreciate his NO vote on the Reconciliation Health Bill.

Sen. LeMieux’s Phone: (202) 224-3041, Fax: (202) 228-5171, Web Form

Sen. Bill Nelson (D) has only voted pro-life once since he has been Senator. He voted for the Child Custody Protection Act (S. 403), which would prohibit the transportation of a minor girl across state lines to obtain an abortion, if this abridges the right of her parents to be involved in her abortion decision under their home-state law, with certain exceptions.

Please call Sen. Nelson and tell him that you do not want Federal funding of abortions in your Community Health Centers. Tell him that, according to abortionists themselves, 64% of abortions are coerced, and that local abortion availability will just increase the abuse of women in your area. The Guttmacher Institute, the statistical right arm of Planned Parenthood, has reported that the greater the availability of abortion, the greater the increase in abortions, thus the greater increase in the abuse of women.

Please call Nelson and tell him you are aware that the February 22, 2010, Obama Administration health care proposal imposes premium price controls on ALL insurance plans, not just those for Medicare-eligible senior citizens. Tell him that it is your right to spend your own money to get an insurance plan that will not deny treatment and thus optimize the chance to save any member of your family.

On Medicare? You should have the right to have a supplemental health insurance plan that will cover any procedure you want. Tell Sen. Nelson that you wish to make your own choices about your health coverage and do not wish the government to put limits on your right to do so.

Sen. Nelson’s Phone: (202) 224-5274, Fax: (202) 228-2183, Web Form