Florida Women who have Experienced Abortion Call on Gov. Crist to Sign HB 1143

(TALLAHASSEE, FL, June 10, 2010) – Dozens of Florida women today held a press conference to call upon Governor Charlie Crist to sign HB 1143 into law. The women shared their common experience of having had an abortion in the past and how abortion hurt them. They all stated they wish they had the benefit of an ultrasound.
OperationOutcry_Tallahassee 2010Daria Monroe, Florida State Leader of Operation Outcry, said the event was organized because the governor needed to hear from women who had been through the experience of an abortion.
“We came to Tallahassee today with a message for Gov. Crist – listen to our stories” Monroe said. “Studies show that women who are fully informed are able to handle whatever decision they make better than those who are not fully informed. We made those decisions at the time without the information that an ultrasound can provide. Women have a right to that information.”

HB 1143 is a bill passed by the Florida Legislature this year which requires abortion providers to allow women to view and understand an ultrasound image of their baby prior to an abortion. The bill does not require the woman to view the image provided by the ultrasound, which is a standard procedure already incorporated into the price of the abortion at most clinics.

Each woman participating held a pair of baby shoes, representing a child lost to abortion. The baby shoes each had a note attached from the mother expressing regret over her decision. Over a thousand pairs of tagged baby shoes were placed on display at the Capitol in the courtyard and rotunda and are a part of the “A Cry Without A Voice” Memorial.

“We’re not making a political statement,” said Rebecca Porter, the National Declarations Director of Operation Outcry. “We are simply sharing our personal experience in hopes that the governor will see the value in implementing this bill on behalf of the thousands of women and babies who can benefit from the measure.”
OperationOutcry_Capitol Walk 2010
Following the press conference, the women carried the baby shoes in a solemn procession from the Florida Press Center to the Capitol. The “A Cry Without A Voice” Memorial has traveled to multiple states, Washington D.C. and other countries including Israel, Holland, Hungary and Jamaica.

Attempts have been made by the women to hold a private meeting with Gov. Crist, and they are still awaiting confirmation of a meeting.


Florida Right to Life (FRTL) is the state’s largest pro-life group with chapters throughout Florida. FRTL works through legislation and education to protect those threatened by abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide.


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